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Drawn to books from a very young age, KaliVictoria has always been in love with the art of storytelling...

In her youth, the author would often spend her leisure time within her public library, reading until the establishment closed or hoping to bring home the maximum amount of young adult novels that would catch her eye.


At the age of 20, KaliVictoria decided to take her love for storytelling a step further, making 2020 the year of her literary debut. She went on to self-publish the first installment of the Trials of Fate series through Amazon, where her first novel, The Shadows of Heaven, became the stepping stone for a series that is dedicated to inclusion and healthy portrayals of diversity within New Adult Fantasy.

As of today, KaliVictoria resides within the United States and engages with readers around the world through various social media platforms. Visit her on Twitter and TikTok (@itskalivictoria). Follow the story at

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