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An Angel's Mistake

Book #3 in the Trials of Fate series. 

Wars are not won after one battle; and for Havena Bernheim, the woman at the end of the angel realms' blade, she's looking for more than a battle. She's looking for revenge

The Battle of the Dead Sea has left a mark on The Vine, and its mark is what Havena carries as she struggles to find refuge within the Human Plane, a place she no longer feels connected to. It is a place she can no longer call home. 

For Gale Geffen, bringing Havena home is his only intent. But he, alongside the angel realms that Havena runs away from, is determined to find her first. If not Ares Cohen, a common traitor between The Vine and angel society, it is Havena that must be found instead. 

It is Ares that Havena hopes to kill. 

In this sequel to His Descendant, get ready to dive into the world of the angels like never before, with familiar faces, revived relationships, and a heartbreaking betrayal—even if their souls were meant to cross...


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