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The Shadows of Heaven

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The existence of angels has been kept secret for centuries. They watch over the earth, and over humans, from each of the four hidden realms around the globe, acting as Guardians, Nurturers, or Disciples. Gale Geffen has trained his entire life to be a Guardian, to follow in his parents’ footsteps and to protect the Human Plane from demons. But for the past two years, Gale has been given the boring task of his title—fixing the ozone layer. His fate remains stagnant until God calls upon Gale and his friends with a different task in mind. A lurking evil in the Realm of Hell wants to eradicate the Human Plane, but in order to stop this evil, the trio must find another for this fight. They’re tasked with finding her. The prophesied vine. The human...

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Book #1 in the Trials of Fate series. 

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