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Of Blood & Redemption

Book #4 in the Trials of Fate series. 

Releasing 27 December  2024!


"They're coming for you," Ruth warns. "And anyone who's sided with you. They're coming for all of us."

I raise a brow, though I should be scared. I should be cautious, even, about my next few words and the lives dependent upon me. I nod at Ruth instead, my calm demeanor contrasting her insistent one. 

"Let them come."

A looming hatred watches over the Human Plane, and no one can stop how fast it grows. Waiting to hunt, to strike, to capture and to kill—the angels of the most-high were destined to unify their hatred under one rule, Lilith's rule, with two goals: 

Kill every half-blood.

Kill the Antichrist.  

With the target on Havena's back expanding to all of the innocent half-angel children on the Human Plane, it's up to The Vine and her friends to protect the youth of the angel world from the Holy War. But protecting the half-bloods comes with its challenges, resulting in unlikely alliances, life-altering disagreements and the prophesied guarantee of a gory battle, all of which are unequal to the one, single promise that just might save the day. 


It is a promise that one angel, in particular, can't come back from. 

In this final installment of the Trials of Fate series, fly into the makings of the Holy War one last time as Havena and her friends join forces to stop Lilith once and for all, a solidifying act that will change the course of The Vine's story forever...

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