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The Selected: Book #1

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Fly further into the Trials of Fate universe with this Young Adult read. Cover reveal in 2024!

Lora Greyson is a half-angel on the Human Plane with brown skin and a distrustful nature that has gotten her through one foster home to the next since she was 5. Sure, she has a scar along her shoulder blades and she doesn't know how it got there. She also doesn't know if anyone is interested in adopting her now that she's 13, but that's like every other teen in a foster home along the tri-state area, never mind the elemental abilities, right?



What Lora does know is that she didn't mean to set the kitchen of her current foster home on fire. It was an accident, a small, small accident with no harm done! Because Lora has played with fire before, a red flame that occasionally rests in the palm of her hand for as long as she can remember, and she hasn't seen anyone else with the ability to do the same... Until Mrs. Vardy that is, a redheaded Korean woman who sits on the edge of Lora's foster bed one day with a flame that burns blue. 

Bright blue.

According to Mrs. Vardy, Lora is behind on her angel education, but Mrs. Vardy can fix that. They both can at Ivy Institute in upstate New York. Boldt Castle, specifically, where teens like Lora are being trained in a boarding school environment for The Selected, an annual competition that has always been between pure-blooded angel schools until recent years. But the stakes are much higher this time around.


For Ivy Institute to remain open on the Human Plane, the school must prove its worth with a half-angel victor of The Selected within the next 4 years. The half-angel pool on the Human Plane may be waning thin. Too thin. But Mrs. Vardy has traveled far and wide across the U.S. for a source of hope, a winner despite the strength of teenage pure-bloods being stacked against her still-growing school. And it's when 13-year-old Lora Greyson shows her red flames, how small and wild they are in the palm of her naive, half-angel hand, that Mrs. Vardy believes the fire inside of Lora Greyson is exactly the kind of power that Ivy Institute will need to win.

In the Works!

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