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His Descendant

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From the angel realms below to the angel realms above, there is one word that puts the entire fate of the world at risk. War. 

It's no question a war amongst the realms is coming, the Holy War as a matter of fact, but for Gale Geffen, Guardian of the City of Aaron and bonded to the prophesied vine, the only area of importance during this time is finding her. Finding the war's destined victor. Finding Havena. 

Gale, alongside his friends, Ruth and Theseus, set out on a journey to find Hell's gates and to save Havena from The Fallen, a group of angels that have fallen from grace and are led by a man believed to be Havena's father. An Heir of Hell. 

But soon enough, the three angels find themselves caught in the city of Cairo, Egypt, face to face with new beginnings, new eyes, and a new prophecy. An omen that ensures the war will be bigger than Gale's bond to The Vine. Big enough to change everything the angels have ever known... 

In this sequel to The Shadows of Heaven, get ready to dig deeper into a glamoured world, introducing new faces, new obstacles, and new love—even if it can only exist in dreams...

Book #2 in the Trials of Fate series. 

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